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We work every day for our planet and to to try to leave a better world to the new generations ...

We are at a critical juncture, and cannot continue under the modus that has been established. If we're smart, we'll look for replacement materials, so that we don't have this mismatch -- good for a minute and contaminating for 10,000 years..” [Rolf Halden, Ann. Rev. on Public Health]

Areas of plastic waste floating in our oceans, some as large as the whole of Italy; river mouths filled with floating garbage; bottles, disposable items, packaging abandoned on our lawns ...

Animals, seabirds and fish are increasingly victims of waste resistant to time and atmospheric agents.

Items present everywhere such as plastic bottles, ear pads or cigarette packs wrappers typically used for a few seconds or at most for a minute, left undisturbed in the environment without degrading for a very long time.

The true dimension of the weight that plastic waste is to society is only now starting to be understood.




We research

innovative, biodegradable and compostable materials for the fastest possible replacement of traditional plastic.

We teach

to the new generations, from an early age, the importance of respecting our environment: their home when they will grow up.

We want

minimize the impact that our choices and our consumption have on our planet.

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