IN ITALY: Free shipping over 60 €
IN ITALY: Free shipping over 60 €
IN ITALY: Free shipping over 60 €
IN ITALY: Free shipping over 60 €


The order must be placed exclusively through the e-commerce platform ( observing the contractual rules contained therein and proposed during navigation. We do not accept post dated payment proposals, by cash order, bank checks or otherwise.

The forms of payment provided on our site are proposed during the online purchase process. You can pay by credit card or by bank transfer.

If this last option is chosen, the order will be shipped only when the total amount of the order has been credited, usually it is two working days from the transfer.

You can make the transfer using the following data:

Accoutholder: eKoala Srl

IBAN: IT71H0310451650000000821465

Bank: Deutsche Bank

Purpose of the transfer: the purpose of the transfer must include your name, order number and order date


Address: eKoala: Strada Falghè, 3 – 20886 Aicurzio (MB) – ITALIA

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